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Friday is Due Day!


Via Scoop.itAustralian History The Depression

Hello students! Yes, today is the last day for submission. For a number of reasons, the due date was extended to today. No need to explain here 🙂 Your can be finalised at any time prior to midnight tonight (Friday). Make sure that you check your spelling. Also, have a look at the points I have made on this to ensure that you are making appropriate links between sources as well as adequately analysing sources. Have a safe weekend, take care and I will see you all on  Wednesday (with your marks for this task). Of course with your Nazi Germany etc homework completed as well!

Mrs Pill

Monday’s Instructions


Via Scoop.itAustralian History The Depression

Hello students!

I hope you are all well and working very hard! I look forward to checking your scoop.its when I arrive back in Adelaide tonight. So … this lesson you need to make sure that you complete the following (and for homework):

1. Complete your bibliography – use the generator I have provided. It can’t get any easier 🙂

2. Make sure that you are using your own words.

3. Have you made links between at least two of your sources?

4. If you have an American (or other country) source in your, have you made a clear link to Australia?

5. Don’t forget to use capitals where appropriate.

Finally, I have written in my relief that you are a terrific class!

I genuinely look forward to reading your scoop.its later tonight and tomorrow. I have been very impressed with the way you have all approached

By the way, a reminder! These scoop.its will be shared at the school’s Open evening tomorrow night!

🙂 Mrs Pill

The Great Depression Australia


Via Scoop.itAustralian History The Depression
This is a simple youtube clip that uses a combination of music and images to communicate key ideas about the Great Depression. Using a clip like this is very effective, providing you provide some clear detail about what is being communicated and why it is useful. I would expect you to make clear and specific links to another of your sources on your Hint: If you have a clip like this, consider also using an article or interview in the that you could link with this.