A reflective moment :)


Looking forward to some free time so that I can upload assignment task sheets that the students have been working on this year. Have just been promoted to Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty(starting in 2012) so it will be interesting to work more deeply and collaboratively with an already creative group of people. Hoping to set up links with schools from outside Australia and further develop students’ ability to interact with their world; the term “world” referring to something so much more vast than it was even 10 years ago. How I wish I’d had these opportunities when I was at school. Next year I aim to take my metacog work to a deeper level. This year has been about educating myself and trying out different activities with the students. Next year I want to create something that has more validity (in a measurable, academic sense).  I also hope that next year I am able to, in partnership with a colleague, create an integrated Unit of work that sits across the key learning areas of English, Social Sciences, Maths and Science. That’s it for now – time to go to Home Group!


About Kate Pill

I am a Secondary School teacher who is passionate about developing students' ability to answer the "who, what, when, why, how, what if and what next" questions over the course of their learning. A "mature starter" (read as - late!) to the teaching game, I am still developing my IT street smarts. This blog will chart my own journey through the metacognition landscape as I facilitate my students' understanding of not only WHAT they are learning but HOW they are learning it. Wish me luck!

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