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Student blogs


The school world is a dynamic place (our school’s new word for “busy”!!). Things have been so dynamic that I have not been posting on this blog. It doesn’t mean of course that life in the classroom and my students blogs have been in a state of flux! No, quite the contrary! Students have been working busily on their blogs which has been pleasing to observe. Once again, making something relate to their world and, arguably, high stakes has moved most of them from compliance to commitment! What I have really enjoyed has been the opportunity to give feedback on their blog. Last night, I was giving feedback to a student whilst I was at home and he was at his home putting his blog together. I could directly post comments to his latest posts. More on this later, must get to class!! Will seek permission to link student blogs to this one so that their work can be observed.


The “dynamic” teacher!! (not busy!!)

Eric Jensen: a brain-based approach to planning lessons


Looked in my school email inbox today (am on vacation)and had a quick read of Eric Jensen’s latest teaching resource, “10 Minute Lesson Plans”. I had a lot of fun writing up a lesson plan in 10 minutes although I found myself watching the 60 second timer (there are 10 steps in the plan) to my own detriment! However, it was really easy to use and I could go back and edit/refine my plan which was good as I realised I was, at first, writing a Unit Plan when it should have been a double lesson I was planning. Have got to say, that from a metacognition and brain-based approach it was user-friendly and I will definitely keep using this site to help me plan my lessons. I am also sure that I will eventually get used to the timer!!

Follow the link and have a look for yourself! It’s free to join 🙂