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Learning: scripted creation?


An interesting article re the questions we should ask ourselves when providing learning opportunities for our students.


Metacognition: Developing critical thinkers, and task co-collaborators


On my “Activities” page, I have posted the latest Research Task my Year 8 students are doing. The task sheet provides opportunities for students to further develop their understanding of how a task should be “appear” when it is completed. I have also provided opportunities for them to develop their critical thinking skills by using a simple table for them to complete that will enable them to develop and refine their approach to the task. The class negotiated with each other how many (eg)youtube clips were required and whether written text should accompany these clips (they decided, yes and that the written text should demonstrate some analysis).

What I have yet to include is the rubric. It is not yet ready to include. Tomorrow, students will look at the rubric (a general Social Studies one) and decide which of the performance standards apply to this topic. There are some pretty big words for 13 & 14 yr olds so I am looking forward to the discussions that will arise from this.

It is my hope that the manner in which this task has been introduced (students as collaborators with task design), and the varied modalities used to deliver the topic (class twitter, immersion activities etc)  will result in committed student learners and improved learning outcomes.

I will post links to the students’ blogs when they have completed the task. We are just about to start our term break, so there will be a slight wait!

It is my aim, as a “newbie” to the teaching game and, to the study of metacognition (neuroscience) that this class will, at the end of our school year, be capable of creating unit of work complete with assessment tasks and associated criteria. I think they can do it! 🙂 We will see I guess.