Eric Jensen’s Latest Newsletter – the lowdown on music!


I am not suggesting that I have come across anything new but …

Interesting. It is commonly argued that music has a definite role to play in student learning. The other day, I allowed my Year 8s to listen to music whilst they were engaging in a simple and, some might argue, “boring” textbook task. I quietly observed them whilst all this was happening to note their levels of engagement and productivity. I also allowed them to quietly discuss their work if they wished to.

This was an “end of day” lesson.

Here is what I observed:

All students displayed a level of engagement.

90% were discussing the work and coming up with creative solutions to some of the extension questions.

Students were happy to discuss their ideas with me although there were less requests for help. I frequently allow them to discuss their observations with each other when engaging in this kind of learning, however, this time, they were asking for a lot less help.

The classroom had a relaxed tone.

Interesting to observe – but when reading the latest Eric Jensen newsletter, my anecdotal observations felt more substantive.

I have attached the article to my “Neuroscience” page.  🙂


About Kate Pill

I am a Secondary School teacher who is passionate about developing students' ability to answer the "who, what, when, why, how, what if and what next" questions over the course of their learning. A "mature starter" (read as - late!) to the teaching game, I am still developing my IT street smarts. This blog will chart my own journey through the metacognition landscape as I facilitate my students' understanding of not only WHAT they are learning but HOW they are learning it. Wish me luck!

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