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A great powerpoint I found on the web. Thanks Debra Fowler & Jeff Froyd!






Well … the first post! This blog’s purpose is to track the progress I makeĀ facilitating my students’ metacognitiveĀ development. My desire to do so has been facilitated by my school’s Professional Learning philosophy, but really, I think I would have undertaken this study anyway. I am a mature age “starter” to the teaching game but seem to have spent my working life as an educator of some sort. Since starting teaching, a long-heldĀ dream of mine, I have come to the conclusion (nothing new here!) that many students lack insight into who they are as learners. Anecdotal observations, combined with professional readings, have further motivated my desire to develop my ability to provide an environment where students can “think smart” about who they are as learners and use these insights to maximise their ability to be successful. As I have started telling my Year 12 students (Seniors), it’s all about thinkingĀ  strategically when completing a task. This blog will primarily focus on my Year 8 class (first year at high school).